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Cute Difference Between Shellac and Gel Nails

Cute Difference Between Shellac and Gel Nails – Gel nail polish is a liquid gel which usually comes in a jar or pot. The gel liquid is painted to the nail in the exact same way that nail polish is, but it’s easier you won’t leave brush strokes and as it’s self levelling. Each coat of gloss is cured under a LED lamp for 15 to 60 minutes or a UV lamp for two to three minutes (based on the gloss brand and lamp).

This curing process sets the gel. The gloss does not dry until it moves under the lamp, therefore any slips are significantly more easy to fix. After curing, the gel gloss is hard, but may have a layer left, prepared to bond to the layer. Additional coats may be applied after each layer is cured.

Gel polish is not bad for your nails. Reports of nail harm from gel polish can be common but that is usually brought on by incorrect elimination — for example if gloss is pulled/picked off or nails are scraped during the removal procedure.

To keep nails healthy, it’s a great idea to use cuticle oil into your nails after every removal process (this applies to normal nail polish too). Cuticle oil helps to nourish the nail bed and encourage growth. If you are applying a different gel manicure away you don’t use the cuticle oil before later.