Jerry’s 4th of July Hours 2022 – Is It Open or Close?

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Jerry’s 4th of July Hours 2022 – Boom! Sitting up in bed, I was startled. My body was tingling with anticipation. The fact that it was only six o’clock in the morning didn’t stop me from shouting. The American Legion Post 199 firework salute marked the beginning of Carnation’s annual Fourth of July celebration.

My thirteenth birthday was in June, and this was my third “Fourth” in Carnation to celebrate it.

Carnation, Washington, in the 1950s, was only thirty miles from Seattle, but it was thirty years in the past. At this point, we were still dozing in the pastoral surroundings of a farming community of about 400 residents.

In order to avoid waking my sister, Norma, who was sleeping in the room above mine, I slipped quietly into my clothes. As the eldest of seven children, I was the youngest of four boys and the only girl, and I was still living with my family. Clarence and I had been living in this house for a year, having relocated from the city outskirts when my mother married my stepfather Clarence. He was employed by Carnation Farms, Inc.

The town’s name, which was disputed by old-timers. One of the town’s two restaurants, the Country Kitchen, employed my mother. The Tolt Café, on the other hand, was named after the town’s first settler.

Breakfast was briefly on my mind, but I quickly brushed it aside. My best friend, Claude Ramsey, was, I hoped, going through the same motions as me. A quick dash across town would get me there in time to save the day. I slipped out of the house, opening the door slowly in the hopes that my mother hadn’t noticed. If she hadn’t, she would have heard it all.

On my twenty-four-inch, no-name bicycle without fenders, I set off on a brisk ride around town. I slid to a halt on the gravel driveway behind Claude’s house in less than five minutes. There was a separate entrance to his basement bedroom, so I didn’t have to be concerned about waking his mother or stepfather up in the middle of the night. His three younger brothers slept upstairs in the attic.

The door to the basement swung open as I banged on it. I sat patiently and awaited the answer. Nobody responded, there was silence, and no movement was detected inside. His bike was leaning against the stair railing, so I could tell that he was still in the house. It was time for me to get back into it. It was a safe bet that Claude was still fast asleep.


Jerry’s 4th of July Hours 2022

Jerry's 4th of July Hours

Even if it was absolutely necessary for him to rise early, he would rarely do so. I approached the window and tapped it. His bed was clearly visible. A large, stationary lump was found in it. With more forceful tapping, it started to move. There was a sudden appearance of a head, its eyes blinking, its brain not yet functioning, and its mouth mumbling. He took a few steps back and looked at me through the window.

Is Jerry’s Foods open? On what day of the week do the doors of Jerry’s Foods open? Despite the fact that daily hours may vary, this schedule is universal.

From 6 a.m. to 11:30 p.m., Monday through Friday; from 6 a.m. to 11 p.m. on Saturday and Sunday; from 6 a.m. to midnight on each of those days.

Reduced hours for “open” holidays can be implemented by retail establishments. On these days, many businesses will be open later or close earlier than usual. On 4th of July, of course, most stores open early and/or stay open late. To avoid wasting time and gas, it’s always a good idea to call Jerry’s Foods to confirm their holiday hours of operation. Merry Christmas shopping.

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