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New What are Diamond Nails

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New What are Diamond Nails – Diamond nail art is obsession or a current fashion trend that is not only going to rock 2014 but are also the subject everyone. When attending any social event or a party, it has been observed by me that girls, now a days, just like to decorate their nails with diamond nail art as diamonds, as most of us know, ‘are a woman’s best friend’ and will always remain her object of desire!

Diamond nails look amazing since these stones lend a glow. Gone are the days when women would wear diamonds only as jewels. One can simply purchase diamonds and stick it in their own nails. This season, going by the trend trend, it’s expected that this trend to adorn nails is definitely not a stage it is going to last for a couple of years in the long run.

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There are various ways that a woman can have a diamond nail. While, there are choices available where you are able to stick real diamonds there are other cheaper options also. Yes, I am not joking when I mention the word ‘cheap’, as one need not adhere stones that are real onto her nails. To appear trendy and happening, there are designs or diamond stickers offered in markets and these look magnificent.